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PostSubject: Forum Rules & Regulations   Forum Rules & Regulations EmptySun May 31, 2009 9:26 am

Forum Rules & Regulations 4qr774
This forum consists of these following rules you should abide
by them at all circumstances ,if your caught breaking any
of these rules,your account will get warned once ,if you
get 3 your banned for how bad it is.

1st warning:usually given to newbies ,just a light warning
2nd warning:a strong warning against the member
3rd warning:account suspension or ban

Disregarding other members
at Bearvillevalley we incorauge people not to post hateful mean
or nasty comments agaisnt the topic or the member 3rd warning is the result of doing so.

graphic grabbers
You should never ever steal a ggraphic thats not yours
thats stealing and stealing a graphic that isnt yours is not

you should never spam on this forum ,spam is the same thing
over and over again

Red is for admins
red is reserved for admin to give warnings

no advertising in pm's like"join my site
and say i refered you"
or join my site click the link provided"

no impersonating celebrity your account will be suspened if doing so

more than 1 account
no multiple accounts,you may only have 1 account

We dont tolerate scamming her at bearvillevalley ,
suspension is the right to do so.
Please do not use all caps in your posts
it looks like your yelling.but if its just capital on the first
word its ok capital letters at the begging of sentences
are good too.
Bearvillevalley is not an official site of, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Build-A-Bear Workshop® and Build-A-Bearville.com™
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Forum Rules & Regulations
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