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 How to host a image

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How to host a image Empty
PostSubject: How to host a image   How to host a image EmptyTue Aug 03, 2010 10:26 pm

Question: How Do I Host A Image

Anwser: To host a image you need to click this button first -----> How to host a image Picture_save

2: after you click --->How to host a image Picture_save it will show this menu ----> How to host a image Upload10

3: click browse and it should bring up a list of all of your pictures click the one you want

4: after you click the image you want click send this should pop up ----> How to host a image Upload11

5: click Host It after you click host it it should show ----> How to host a image Upload12

6: click the copy button next to the very bottom code that code does not have a off site link when clicked

7: after you have copyed the direct image code click the button that looks like this ---> How to host a image Picture

8: paste the code in there and click ok

9: you have got the code posted
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How to host a image
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