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 Forumotion Variables

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PostSubject: Forumotion Variables   Forumotion Variables EmptyTue Aug 03, 2010 10:02 pm

Q: What are forumotions variables

A: Forumotion has many variables like "Hi Guest How Are You?" Here Is A List Of Them.


This Sites Link Is http://friendshipworld.forumotion.com
This Sites Name Is BearvilleValley
This Sites Link Ishttp://friendshipworld.forumotion.com
This Site Is 3640 Days Old
This Site Has 382 Topics Overall
This Site Has 2063 Posts Overall
This Site Has 152 Members
This Site Has Had 24 Online At The Same Time
This Sites Newest Member Is KatieBeachBear
This Sites Newest Member Profile Link Is http://friendshipworld.forumotion.com/u160
Guest Is Currently Looking At This Topic
Your Profile Link Is
You Joined Bp
You Were Last Online
You Have A Total Of 0 Posts
This Site Has 93 Catergorys And Forums
This Sites Birthday Is Sun May 31, 2009 5:59 am
This Sites Description Is -----

Displays Site Link {FORUMURLINK}
Display's Site Name {FORUMNAME}
Displays Site Link{FORUMNAMELINK}
Displays How Old A Site Is- {FORUMAGE}
Displays Overall Topics Made- {FORUMCOUNTOPIC}
Displays Overall Site Posts- {FORUMCOUNTPOST}
Displays How Many Members Have Joined A Site- {FORUMCOUNTUSER}
Displays Record For Most Members Connected At The Same Time- {FORUMONLINEUSER}
Displays The Newest Joined User- {FORUMLASTUSER}
Displays The Newest Joined Members Profile Link- {FORUMLASTUSERLINK}
Displays The Viewers Username- {USERNAME}
Displays Your Profile Link- {USERLINK}
Displays The Date You Joined- {USERREGDATE}
Displays The Last Time You Were Online- {USERLASTVISIT}
Displays How Many Posts You Have- {USERCOUNTPOST}
Displays Catergorys And Forums Bp Has {FORUMCOUNTFORUM}
Displays Site Birthday- {FORUMBIRTHDAY}
Displays Forum Description- {FORUMDESC}-----

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Forumotion Variables
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