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PostSubject: ZoeySeaShell218   ZoeySeaShell218 EmptySat Feb 06, 2010 1:01 am

Opening Date: Feburay 6, 2010
BABV Username: ZoeySeaShell218
Preferred time: None really, you may choose

Bold for Bold

I am open to any offers and may accept offers that include items NOT on my want list.

Speical Offers
Season of hugs outfit for 3 credit items (shirt only)
Autum Hugs Bear Psi for 3 credit items of choice (full only)
Best Friend Tees (full set) for 3 credit items
Grand tiara for any 7 items

From Pawlette Coufur
Vest shirt set
Heart Earrings
Pawlette tee (from quest)
Flamingo Tank
Small Purse
Gem Tank Jumpsuit Outfit (top and bottom)
Strappy Flower Dress
Tiered Ruffle Dress (top and bottom)
BaseBall Cap
Pink Graduate Hat

Food (that I wanna trade)
ZoeySeaShell218 35miih4

From Bearville Outfitters
Elf girl Outfit (top and bottom,no bow or shoes)
Satin Hoilday Dress (dress only)
Amethyst Fairy Outfit (black)
Amethyst Fairy Outfit (blue)
Patriotic Princess Outfit (top and bottom, no bow)
Floral Capri Outfit (bottom only)
Tie Dyed Flower Tank
Embroidered Flower outfit (top and bottom)
I also have credits, so anything currently sold at BVO is fine.

Maple Leaf Puppy Vest
Season of hugs psi! (headband only)
BaseBall Chair
Large Purple Tiara
Small Tiara
Tiara with Gems
Large Blue Tiara
Hello Kitty TopHat
Lil bunny big ears
Bone 'N' Heart dogtag necklace
Summer Hugs Bear psi (full)
Spring Hugs Bear psi (full)
Endless Hugs Bear psi (full)
Winter Hugs Bear psi (full)

Other special items
Doves in a cage
Gift Box hat
Hall pass
Summer Camp Blue Team Shirt
Swim Cap
Crystal Ball
NPC poster
Maxine Vest
BABW tee
Pawlette B-day shopping bag
Baseball Tee
2010 Tophat
Hannah Montana Green Diva Boa
Best Friend Tees
Dark Blue glitched pawlette tee

From Bear Stuff
I have bearbills so anything currently sold at bearstuff store is fine.

From stuff fur all seasons

Items I want

New Credit Items, will give old credit items for them.
Autum Hugs Bear PSI
Summer Hugs Bear PSI
Flamingo Mask
All tiaras including grand tiara
Icarly bear psi
Heart Print Tees (any color)
Elf access outfit (perfer purple)
Season of Hugs Grand PSI (shirt only)
Any party room outfits
Any Employee Items , perfer coachs whistle
Grand Tiara
Jonas Glasses
Baseball Cap
Baseball Tees
Ear buddies
2010 tophat
Icarly Laptop

Stuff fur all seasons
Any old seasonal items(sold at stuff fur all seasons)
Note: The items in bold are the ones I really want

i have read the rules
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PostSubject: Re: ZoeySeaShell218   ZoeySeaShell218 EmptyTue Feb 23, 2010 11:22 am

Trading thread is 1 week old;you may open a new one ZoeySeaShell218 424472


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