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PostSubject: TestAwesome!   TestAwesome! EmptyTue Sep 22, 2009 10:55 pm

Hi hi hi! Tongue Welcome to my thread! :]

Date opened: Tuesday 22nd September 2009

Time prefered: Any sensible UK Zone time. Example - 6pm not 6am Tongue

Items I am trading at the mo... *Well, these are all my items Tongue* -

Pawlette's - Anything you can buy now! :]

Bearville Outfiters -

Clothing & Shoes *And Accessories if comes with an outfit* :

Rockin' Outfit - Lime Green
Smocked Dress - Light Lime Green, Red, Pink
Pleated Rhinestone Skirt - Dark Blue
Flower Jeans - Dark Blue
Rhinestone Dress & Bows - Purple, Black, Golden Yellow, Lime Green
Love Hugs Peace Script Tee - Golden Yellow
Tropical Hello Kitty Outfit - Light Lime Green
Rainbow Ribbon Fairy Top - Golden Yellow, Purple, Light Green
Girl Pirate Outfit - Lime Green
Leopard Sweater Outfit - Golden Yellow
Glitter Heels - Very Light Blue
Satin Gem Tank - Hot Pink, Purple, Very Light Blue
Ruffle Tie Dyed Outfit TOP - Hot Pink, Orange
Ruffle Tie Dyed Outfit - Light Green
Rainbow Dot Tankini Outfit - Black
Pink Glitter Heels - Silver
*Retired* Witch Outfit Top *Get ready for Halloween! :D* - Orange
*Retired* Gem Bubble Outfit - Reddish Brown, Purple


Interactive Swings
Victorian Vanity
Interactive Slide
Interactive Monkey Bars
Pop Art Portrait
Beach House Swordfish Plaque
Working Trampoline
Bamboo Beach House Bed
Normal Swings [Black]

Bear Stuff - Anything that is on sale now! :D

PSI Clothing & Shoes -

Red Dino Shoes
Peace Bear Shirt x3
Endless Hugs Teddy Outfit
Lil' Sweet Cream Cub Outfit
Jack Russel Shirt
Jeans With Patches x2
Groundhog T-Shirt

Accessories -

European Bunny Ears
Funky Reading Glasses
Trick or Treat Pumpkin
Unicorn Wand
Dotted Pink Bow
Dotted Blue Bow - Tie
Snazzy Kitty Ears
Large Purple Tiara

Furniture -

Treasure Chest
Year of The Ox Poster
Bean Bag Chair x2
Hannah Montana Stage

Other itms:

Fashion Show Party Room Outfit
Dark Blue Pawleette Quest Shirt x2 *Traveling Market one*
Bear Slippers x2 *Travelling Market ones*
Magic Orb-thing *Traveling Market*
Disco Party Room Costume Male
Disco Party Room Costume Female
Weekend Male Outfit
Maxine Vest
Tree Tee
Bear Head Flip-Flops
Camp Fire x8
Kiddy Swimming Pool x5

Items I will sell for 200bb - 2000bb each? -
Spring Hugs Bear Headband
Clown Outfit *No Hat*
Lil' Chocolate Cub Cookie Hat
Jack Russell Hat
Megaphone Shirt *PSI*
Alphabet Poster
Vase of Poppies
Clown Outfit *No Hat*
Valentine Mailer Code Tee
Brown Bunny Ears *PSI*
Bandana from Scavenger Hunt x2
Waterfall Poster
Beach Poster
Milkshake Mixer
Wolf Poster x2
Potted Carrot Tree
UK Tee x2
Swim Cap x2
Valentine Mailer Code Tee
Lemonade for Givaway
Blue Bow Tie *PSI*
Disco Outfit *No hat & Traveling Market one*
Blue Team CHH Tee
Purple Diva Outfit Skirt
Disco Costume Male Shirt
Breifcase *Fountain one*
Paper hat
Birthday Party Hat
Huggable Hero Movie Ticket
Dog Painting
Banana Tree
Teddy Bear Cake


Pawlette Coufur - Heart Print Shirts *No Blue!*

Bear Stuff - None At the Mo...

Bearville Outfitters - None at the Mo Tongue

PSI Clothes -

Furry Shoes
Giggly Pig Outfit
Rhino Shoes
Offer anything! I will add more later Tongue

PSI Accessories -

Springtime Bunny Glasses
Andean Glasses and Hat
Offer anything! I may add more later

PSI Furniture -

Horseshoes for your Wall
Bear Head Chair
Offer anything! I will add more later :D

Other items - 2009 Ballpark items *Baseball glove and ball chair, Pink Pennant*, Employee items *No 09 hat, North Pole Sign or Light bulb hat please - I will give anything for any employee items other than the ones listed*, Baseball Tees - Ballpark ones *Will give anything for*, T - Bone Steak Necklace *Will give anything for*, Disney Shirt - Yellow and blue Bear head tee *Will give anything for*, Coloured Pawlette Quest Shirts *No Blue, Pink or White please! :]*, Messenger Bag 2 *Not wanted badly!*

Bolded items on my items list for bolded items on wanted items please! Thank you! :]*
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PostSubject: Re: TestAwesome!   TestAwesome! EmptySat Oct 10, 2009 4:56 am

Locking ;Trade thread one week old
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